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AL-FAS Group of Companies’ journey started with the establishment of Falcon Glass Palace in 2006 at Mangalapuram, Trivandrum. Started as a small retail company with 4 office staff and 4 godown staff, Falcon dealt with plywood, Indian manufactured float glass, mica etc. Prompt service of quality driven products and after sales service made the distribution network grow rapidly across Kerala and Southern parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Quality and customer satisfaction was never secondary to AL-FAS; instead it was the prime motto. In 2013, AL-FAS International Trading Private Limited was established in KINFRA International Apparel Park, Trivandrum and later in 2015 its branch in Ernakulam. These entities flourished in the market and made its signature as Kerala’s leading wholesaler and distributor of MDF, Particle Board, Plywood, PVC Boards, Vineer, Hylam, Polypropylene Corrugated Sheets, Float Glass, Reflective Glass, Tinted Glass, Toughened glass, Skin Door, Glass Hardware, etc and distributor for Hafle Glass fitting for South Kerala. In 2017, AL-FAS Laminations Private Limited was established for the manufacturing of pre-laminated boards. This entity was able to establish itself as a quality brand and covered almost 80% of Trivandrum-Kollam market within the first year of operation itself. In the second year of operation, the company has achieved a remarkable milestone by exporting its product to neighboring countries. The decorative lamination board produced was able to compete with the top leading players in the market. In 2018, AL-FAS Wood Products Private Limited was established for the manufacturing of plywood. The management understood that to survive in this highly competitive plywood industry, keeping high quality was the only way to differentiate. So, they invested heavily into it. alfaPlus & Landmaker® are the two brands for BWP and BWR grades respectively. Being the largest importer of various building materials like Float Glass, MDF, HDF, PVC etc, from 14 different countries made AL-FAS Group the leaders in this spectrum with a Green Channel licence from DR&A. Today AL-FAS Group of Companies consists of Flacon Glass Palace as the import wing, AL-FAS International Pvt. Ltd as its trading wing and AL-FAS Lamination Pvt. Ltd & AL-FAS Wood Products Pvt. Ltd. as its manufacturing wing. AL-FAS Group is on an expansion spree with one more entitie to come in 2019-20 period – AL-FAS Tuff. Al-FAS Tuff will be a unit of Alfas Laminations Pvt Ltd. and its production ranges from glass toughening, insulated glass and double glazing of glasses. Already the construction work of the unit has started and is expected to be in full fledged production by Oct-Nov 2019. In 2021 Alfas Group shall enter into Particle Board manufacturing and its lamination.

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